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In keeping with our commitment to providing you and your skin with only the best, we offer the following products, available for purchase in our office and now online!


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  • B309 Avene Gentle Cleanser
  • B187 Topix 10% BP Wash
  • B343 Glytone 2% SA Acne Wash
  • B356 Revale Cleanser
  • B374 Glytone Mild Gel Wash
  • B035 LR Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser
  • B110 LR Toleriane Foaming Cleanser
  • B373 Glytone Essential Prep
  • B240 NeoFoaming Cleanser AHA 20%
  • B251 Nia Cleansing Scrub
  • B186 Topix 5% BP Wash
  • B409 Effaclar Toner
  • B149 Avene Spring Water
  • B250 LR Thermal Spring Water (large)
  • B128 LR Thermal Spring Water (small)
  • B109 Blue Lizard SPF 30
  • B372 Glytone Daily Lotion SPF 15
  • B316 Elta MD UV Shield
  • B192 KINeSYS Sunscreen
  • B288 Elta MD UV Sport
  • B024 Day Smoot. Cr.10% SPF 15
  • B289 Elta MD UV Daily
  • B016 Day Pro Cr 10% SPF 15
  • B264 Anthelios Sunscreen
  • B361 Solar Protection SPF 58
  • B315 Anthelios 40
  • B400 Tizo3 Tinted Sunblock SPF 30
  • B376 Glytone Protect SPF 40
  • B320 Avene Cream for Intolerant Skin
  • B166 LR Hydraphase Moisturizer
  • B377 Glytone Hydrating Cream
  • B033 LR Toleriane Facial Fluid
  • B297 LR Nutritic
  • B193 Avene Retrinal 0.1% Cream
  • B317 Neocutis Bio Gel
  • B150 Avene Retrinal 0.05% Cream
  • B318 Neocutis Hyalis
  • B257 Avene HAF Hyaluronic Fragmented
  • B300 Journes
  • B267 LR Redermic
  • B244 Neocutis Bio Cream
  • B253 NIA Strengthening Complex
  • B125 TNS Recovery Complex
  • B314 Avene Diroseal
  • B359 Revale Night Cream
  • B405 Glytone C, E and Red Tea Serum
  • B393 Revale Intensive Recovery
  • B406 Glytone Red Tea Cream
  • B357 Revale Day Cream
  • B407 LR Active C
  • B195 Rosaliac
  • B308 Avene Diacneal
  • B270 LR Biomedic Conditioning Sol
  • B319 Glytone 10% BP tx Gel
  • B206 OC Eight
  • B344 Glytone Back Spray
  • B189 Topix Gly-Sal 2% Pads
  • B163 LR Effaclar K
  • B190 Topix Gly-Sal 10% Pads
  • B345 Glytone Fade Lotion
  • B165 LR Mela-D
  • B378 Glytone Hydrate Eye Cream
  • B298 LR Redermic Eye
  • B408 Glytone Red Tea Eye Cream
  • B236 Neocutis Lumiere Eye
  • B041 LR Active C Eye
  • B358 Neocutis Eye Cream
  • B349 Auriderm Kit
  • B246 Tri Luma
  • B350 Auriderm Post-Op Gel
  • B078 Bacitracin
  • B242 Helio Care
  • B353 Indige Face Mask Kit
  • B354 Kelo Cote
  • B364 Latisse
  • B167 LMX 5 gm
  • B410 LMX 15 gm
  • B398 Neocutis Blanche 4% HQ
  • B387 Avene Lip Balm
  • B040 LR Ceralip
  • B360 Solar Protection Liptect SPF 45
  • B272 TNS Lip Plump
  • B286 Concealing Treatment
  • B284 Multi Function Concealer
  • B285 Skin Caring Foundation
  • B370 Avene Akerat Psoriasis
  • B375 Glytone Nail and Cuticle Cream
  • B307 Avene Cicalfate Wound Healing
  • B153 Glytone KP Kit
  • B342 Avene Hand and Nail Cold Cream
  • B039 LR Cleansing Bar Surgress
  • B371 Avene Body Cold Cream
  • B159 Lipikar Baume
  • B151 Avene Trixera Emollient Cr
  • B038 Lipikar Body Emollient
  • B152 Avene Trixera Emollient Bath

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