The Derms of Boca Raton
Behind the Scenes of The Derms of Boca Raton

The Derms of Boca Raton is a new web series exclusively released on Youtube and IGTV featuring Boca Raton dermatologists from the Rendon Center. The series focuses on following patient’s treatment journeys. Viewers will be able to see skin experts provide the best course of action for their skin concerns.

A total of 8 episodes will be released with the first one coming out on November 27th, 2020 (Black Friday). The series was recorded over a period of 4 months with an inclination to provide the viewer with true expectations of results from the various cosmetic treatments offered by the medical professionals.

Three board certified dermatologists, two dermatology physician assistants and two medical aestheticians will be treating over 20 patients. As stated by the show’s producer Steve Estevez “the objective was to show viewers a complete story. Whether the patient’s had cosmetic fillers injected in their lips, or an IPL laser treatment, by each episode’s end, you are left understanding what the potential outcomes of these different treatments might be, what is discussed in the exam room, how long the treatment takes to kick in and the potential reactions that a patient might face – but most importantly you get to see the interactions between colleagues and the bonds they have with their staff”.

The show was produced at the Rendon Center in Boca Raton, FL. A premiere comprehensive dermatology medical practice founded by world renowned dermatologist Dr. Marta Rendon over 20 years ago.

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