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Approximately one out of every ten Americans has at least one tattoo. Unfortunately, many people come to regret their body art. Tattoos are often chosen to symbolize beliefs, lifestyle choices, romantic relationships, and personal struggles. These situations frequently change throughout one’s life, meaning the tattoo no longer represents the person. Additionally, many people find tattoos problematic in professional or social situations. A growing number of patients are choosing tattoo removal to make them more employable in an increasingly competitive job market. At the Rendon Center, we offer advanced laser treatment for effective tattoo removal.

Can tattoos be removed?

Tattoos are designed to be permanent. In the past, there were few options if you changed your mind. Over-the-counter creams have not been proven, and patients who have tried them report slight fading, at best. Dermabrasion (a different procedure from dermatological microdermabrasion), is traumatic to the skin and risks scarring. Early laser treatment had a limited scope of treatable cases. Fortunately, modern laser technology has brought us a gentle, effective solution to laser tattoo removal.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

High-intensity laser energy is delivered in short pulses to the treated area. Lasting only a few billionths of a second, these light pulses are gentle to skin tissues. The pigment absorbs light selectively, without disruption to surrounding skin. Laser treatment causes the ink to begin deteriorating. It breaks down into smaller pieces until it is safely removed by the body.

What does laser tattoo removal involve?

Several treatments are required for complete removal, or reduction, of professional tattoos. Appointments will be scheduled approximately six weeks apart, for maximum effectiveness. The total number of sessions required will vary, depending on several factors. Professional tattoos are usually removed with five to ten sessions. Amateur tattoos usually require fewer sessions. If you are having a tattoo covered with a new one, your artist may ask you to have the existing tattoo lightened. This typically requires between two and four laser sessions.

How do I find a laser tattoo removal specialist near me?

If you are suffering from “tattoo regret,” our experienced dermatologists at the Rendon Center can help you learn about all of your convenient, effective, and safe tattoo removal options.

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