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Your dermatologist in Boca Raton can provide both cosmetic and medical dermatological services.

Most people do not think of their skin as an organ, but, in fact, it is the largest in the human body. If you were to develop a heart condition, you would go to a cardiologist; if you develop a skin condition, you need to see a dermatologist.

Dermatology covers a wide range of conditions, both cosmetic and medical, ranging from acne to wrinkles. In fact, they treat over 3000 different skin diseases and provide a number of cosmetic procedures.

Medical dermatology

When people think medical dermatology, one of the first things that come to mind is skin cancer, which isn't surprising, since Boca Raton gets an epic 231 days of Florida sunshine each year. The staff here at the Rendon Center can treat skin cancer and pre-cancerous growths. For example, actinic keratosis is a sun related pre-cancerous growth; the staff can remove them with a laser, cryosurgery, or with photodynamic therapy. For patients who develop skin cancer, there is a fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon on staff.

Psoriasis and acne are two of the most common skin conditions, but the staff at the Rendon Center regularly treats a number of other skin conditions including:
  • Hives
  • Poison ivy and other rashes
  • Fungal infections that affect the nails
  • Rosacea
  • Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis
  • And many more

Cosmetic dermatology

The field of dermatology is constantly changing as new products are being introduced and new uses for current technology are discovered.

Many patients at the Rendon Center are interested in wrinkle reduction. Neuromodulators and dermal fillers are popular options for restoring the appearance of youthful skin. They can be combined to create a "liquid face-lift." Other patients opt for peels, laser treatments, or a customized treatment plan that includes multiple different procedures.

While lasers are very effective for treating wrinkles, they are used to even out skin tone and improve texture as well. They are also a very effective way of permanently reducing unwanted hair. With annual touch up appointments, patients can enjoy never having to shave, wax, or tweeze.

Dermatology is about creating and maintaining healthy skin. The staff at the Rendon Center will develop the best treatment plan to fit your individual needs. They can also create a customized skin care regimen to protect your skin and help keep it healthy.

Anyone, regardless of age, race, or gender, can benefit from dermatology. If you have a spot on your skin that is concerning you, or you do not see any humor in your laugh lines, call the Rendon Center today at (561) 750-0544, and schedule your consultation.

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"Dr. Rendon and her staff are very knowledge. By far the best experience I've had at a dermatology office. Dr Rendon spotted a lesion on me that another derm in town had left untreated. It ended up being cancerous. Don't go anywhere else!"
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